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Gone are the days of having to guess sizes, and styles, of items preferred by your office, company, organization or club staff using old school tally forms, or tracking via a full mailbox of email replies to a group message. It gets even crazier when you have to front money, and collect funds after the orders come in too!

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We’d be happy to share options and ideas for an Online Apparel or Corporate Branded Store that works for you.  Learn More About Apparel Fundraising Campaigns >>

We do all the order collection, pull the numbers, print your items, and send you one easy bill in the end, or keep your store up year round and do monthly or quarterly printing and delivery of your items!

Some clubs and organ even charge their staff and members for convenience of paying via credit card and avoid the aspect of collecting up front money to either fund the order, or to collect payments at the end.

We can help you quickly and efficiently create and deploy a successful program that can be promoted online – via internet marketing, websites, and social media! And our web stores are mobile, tablet and device friendly!

Corporate Apparel Stores Buffalo, NY by Strictly T's Hamburg, NY

Online Apparel Store Features & Benefits

  • Customers can see items mocked up with logos and in full color
  • No leftover inventory, only order/pay for what is sold
  • No need to collect money for an initial order
  • You can set your own pricing/markups on items
  • Order as few or many products as you would like on most items.
  • For other items, if you can’t reach minimums the item simple won’t be printed or made available
  • Set fundraising goals & showcase goal status
  • The store can has it’s own private domain, or be password protected or be public for further family/community reach, besides members
  • Easy to ‘Share” on Social media, email and websites
  • Automatically collects email addresses for future contact/communications such as thank you’s
  • Offer coupon codes/discounts
  • Further community reach, besides members
  • Password protected or private stores
  • Weekly reports, tracking and final inventory and order summaries
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablets and all devices
  • Express checkout using credit cards, no money handling
  • Markup, or fundraising commissions and trackable quantity price breaks
  • Goal countdown & control ordering time frames

How it Works

The websites are easy to navigate, attractive, and customers can choose what they need and purchase them in one visit. Not only can people see the items before a purchase, but also can see colors, and logo placements & customizations etc. that aren’t always available with paper forms. It’s a smooth process for everyone!

We can help you customize a few or as many different items for purchase at various price points.  We even mix/match garment styles, sizes, colors, or variables that are easy to select online, where trying to get all those selections on a paper order form is near impossible.

The website link can be made public, private and even password protected if needed. Stores can be setup for quarterly orders and printing can be arranged to match the frequency needed. For example once a month, or a quarter anyone who has placed and order will receive their items, or if the store is only available for a month, but after the orders come in you can run the same store campaign again.

No need to store extra inventory of unsold items as we print only as many as you need or order. OR you could use the store again with excess products or closeout items if you have ordered extras at the time of printing, depending on what your needs are.

Online Fundraising Store for Schools and Corporate Apparel for Strictly T's Hamburg NY

  1. Pick out your items. You can have multiple items, colors & sizes.
  2. We use your logo/artwork to customize mock items, and help finalize your designs.
  3. We customize and create the online store with your items.
  4. You set the dates the sale will run, and we go live!
  5. You promote the store with given URL link, posters, flyers, etc.
  6. We collect the orders & money via credit card on our secure site.
  7. We send you weekly progress reports on sales.
  8. We tally all orders and send you the complete spreadsheet of order information.
  9. You decide if there are any other extras you wish to include or add-in your cash only sales.
  10. We print the items, deliver and cut you a check with your profits after expenses!

The More you Promote Your Store – The More You Can Sell and Earn!

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