Online Fundraising Campaign Program

Our Solution to Replace Old School Paper Based Forms!

Our Apparel Web Stores & Fundraising Campaigns are ideal for individuals, benefits, families, PTA’s, small groups, clubs, senior classes and teams – or any organization that doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of paperwork, cash, checks and order slips! We do all the collection, pull the numbers, print your items, and cut you a check for your portion of the sales! It’s super easy! Your only task is to promote!

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Online Fundraising Store Features & Benefits

  • No leftover inventory, only order what is sold, create product bundles
  • Express checkout, getting paid upfront, accept credit cards
  • No paper based order forms to organize
  • Organized and appealing visual display of products
  • Weekly & final reports for ease of order organization, sorting & delivery management
  • Control ordering time window
  • Set fundraising goals and showcase goal status
  • Easy to ‘Share” on social media, email and websites
  • Further community reach, besides members, students and parents
  • You set fundraising markups, commissions and price breaks
  • Extremely low setup fees
  • Multiple store designs to fit your needs
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablets and all devices

3 Web Store Packages to Best Fit Your Needs!

CONTACT US TODAY – 716-646-8141



1-8 Items · 2 Campaign Cycles
3-5 Business Day Setup

Example of Base Custom Clothing Company Apparel Store, and Online Spiritwear Fundraising Web Store


9-15 Items or Bundles · 4 Campaign Cycles
5-7 Business Day Setup

Example of Mini Custom Clothing Company Apparel Store, and Online Spiritwear Fundraising Web Store


15+ Items or Bundles ·  4 Campaign Cycles
7-10 Business Day Setup

Example of Deluxe Custom Clothing Company Apparel Store, and Online Spiritwear Fundraising Web Store

How it Works

Our online Web Stores have been a great success since we have started this program. They are easy to navigate, attractive and customers can make payment online, eliminating the need to collect monies and manage orders! It’s a smooth process for everyone! We help you customize a few different items at various price points and options including multiple colors, styles, garment types or items.  Merchandise can include drinkware, promo items, blankets etc.

Online Fundraising Store for Schools and Corporate Apparel for Strictly T's Hamburg NY

  1. Pick out your items. You can have multiple items, colors & sizes.
  2. We use your logo/artwork to customize mock items, and help finalize your designs.
  3. We customize and create the online store with your items.
  4. You set the dates the sale will run, and we go live!
  5. You promote the store with given URL link, posters, flyers, etc.
  6. We collect the orders & money via credit card on our secure site.
  7. We send you weekly progress reports on sales.
  8. We tally all orders and send you the complete spreadsheet of order information.
  9. You decide if there are any other extras you wish to include or add-in your cash only sales.
  10. We print the items, deliver and cut you a check with your profits after expenses!

The More you Promote Your Store – The More You Earn!

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School Spiritwear fundraising program, Eden NY - Sponsored by Strictly T's Hamburg, NY